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Wednesday, July 11th 2012

9:25 PM

Locally Made - The Localler the Better!

I have a thing about products made in the USA. Actually, if I was truthful, which I try to be, I have a bigger thing against so much being made in China. It was reinforced recently when I saw a news story on July 4th. A woman had noticed a tag on the small American flag her children were waving. You guessed it! Made in China. The story continued with a visit to the USA company where flags are made. Not the little toy flags. The real flags displayed in prominent places around this country. Thank God, at least for that.

Now, I am not out to destroy the economy of China. Each country has quality items they could and should sell to other parts of the world. However,I do try hard to purchase as little from China as is possible. Sometimes I can get what I want or need and sometimes I can’t. Of course this means that I severely limit my spending dollars in certain big box stores. That part doesn’t bother me a bit because in my opinion, they are a part of the problem.

I think we have brought much of this on ourselves. Many would rather have twelve of a cheap foreign made item than three of a quality USA item even though three would be plenty. I grieve the loss of American industry. The USA, in various ways, gave our industry away. It’s time to get it back

I am not alone in my desire for USA made products. You can computer search on Made in USA and a list of shops and online products come up. More and more there are walk in shops that feature American made items opening up. To go one step further, I like to think local products. We discovered a small shop in our quest to market our Full Cycle Soap. It is called “Locally Made Shop” and it is located on Main Street in Leroy. Check out the web site.  HYPERLINK "http://www.locallymadeshop.com/index.html" http://www.locallymadeshop.com/index.html I was surprised by the array of items in this shop. The pottery and woodcraft was particularly beautiful. Might just be worth the trip on a nice day, maybe on the way to one of the many festivals that also feature local crafts, foods and products. 

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